Memorial Day is when newspapers can best tell the story

There is a photo that ran in the Denver Post in 1983 that I still can’t get out of my head. It depicted a grieving woman clutching the headstone of her deceased husband. I will never forget the emotion I felt then and still today when I conjure the image up in my mind’s eye.

This photograph was taken on Memorial Day, 1983 and received the Pulitzer Prize in 1984. Photo by Anthony Suau, Denver Post

The photo, taken by Anthony Suau, won the Pulitzer Prize for photography the following year. It still remains one the few photos I can remember that needs no caption.

A perusal of today’s front pages at showed that newspapers still can tell the story visually better than a tweet, an iPad and even a computer screen. In this case, the medium with its ability to show large images in print allows one to reflect on the terrible cost paid for our freedom.

Some newspapers still go all out and use the medium to its fullest capability as seen in some of the stellar examples below. Others, unfortunately, did nothing to mark this solemn day.

Newspapers have a critical role in marking these occasions; even today many are running the most accurate Civil War stories, ever done and memorializing the 150th anniversary of that most tragic of all of America’s wars.

Most newspapers today utilize their front pages to localize the news. Here is when visiting the local cemetery, seeing what’s going on, commemorating the names of the local deceased service members can be done.

This is our role in society — to chronicle what has happened. If we don’t remember to tell the readers, who will?

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