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USS Freedom arrives in Singapore while an advance team watches on. Photo credit U.S. Navy

USS Freedom celebrates 5 years of problems

The Littoral Combat Ship USS Freedom's crew cut cake Nov. 8 in Singapore celebrating its fifth year of being commissioned. Two days later, the mechanically plagued ship was still sitting dockside because of electrical problems with its propulsion system in the … [Read More...]

AFCEA/USNI West conference features Amos, Greenert

"The New Maritime Strategy: How Do We Make It Work?" February 11–13, 2014 San Diego Convention Center San Diego, CA The Western Conference and Exposition (WEST 2014) is the largest event on the West Coast for the Sea Services and … [Read More...]


Scooping ‘the Boys’ of Vietnam Press

During her seven years covering the Vietnam War, Beverly Deepe Keever broke through the male-dominated world of war reporting and nearly changed history with her discovery that Richard Nixon’s 1968 campaign was sabotaging the Paris peace talks, notes combat … [Read More...]